Top 10 Ways To Change Your Habits

Many times we don’t even make decisions any more. Some habits are already packed in our systems. That is why it is very hard to change habits, think about it; everybody has them. Sometimes the habits we have are not healthy or need to change. And almost everything you do, you can always do better. In the article below we listed 10 ways to change your habits immediately. When you follow these steps, your habits will be changed in no-time!

1. Search for your own habits

search is on the top of list of ways to change your habits

First, you need to find your own habits. Get a piece of paper and write them all down. You can think of things like: eating habits, working out habits, habits you have at your work and at home and habits you have with friends and family. This is the first step in the list of ways to change your habits.

2. Differentiate the good from the bad

differentiate from good and bad

These habits can be good and bad. Bad habits are for example: smoking, eating junk-food every Friday, drinking alcohol every weekend and so on. You will also have good habits like: visiting your grandma every Monday or cooking healthy at least twice a week. Make two lists with the good and the bad ones to get a realistic overview of your habits.

3. Think of the changes you want to make

think what you want to make change in your habits

Now that you have two lists of your habits you need to think of the changes you want to make. Try to set goals for yourself and put timeframes next to it. For example: I want to quit smoking before June 2020. Now that you have a date and a goal, it should be easier to implement those changes of your habits.

4. Determine a routine

make a routine is in the list of ways to change your habits

Determine a routine to change the habits and achieve your goals. An example can be: To quit smoking before June 2020, I will only smoke 1 cigarette a day in April and only 1 a week in May. I want to quit before the start of June. When you have these goals written on paper, you should come up with a new routine to replace your old (bad) habits.

5. Determine a reward

determine reward

Now you have to determine a reward for yourself when you hold on to the routine you have made. When you only smoke one cigarette a day in April, give yourself a reward at the end of the day. This can be a snack, some new clothes or a small trip. This will keep you motivated to hold on to the new routine. In this way, you will be able to change your habits.

6. Change the routine

change routine to adopt new habits

Once you have determined a new routine and a reward, you should really change your habits. Implement the new routine in your daily life and you will notice positive changes right away.

7. Keep on rewarding

keep on reward

It is very important to stay motivated during this process. A reward is a very good way to keep on going. Even when you think you are almost done, it is very important to keep on rewarding yourself.

8. Write it down

write down the changes

Write your journey down. Think of all the sacrifices you had to make to get where you are right now. It also helps to make a little contract with yourself to hold on to the good habits and eliminate the bad. You will notice that it is motivating to write your improvements down.

9. Hold on to it

hold on it

Now you are in a stage where it is very important to hold on to your new routine and new habits. It can be very hard to do because a relapse is on the lurk. But keep on motivating and rewarding yourself to implement your new habits into your lifestyle.

10. Keep on improving!

keep on improvements

You are never done with improving yourself. Always look for tiny things you could change. Maybe you have developed new habits through this process, but it is important to keep on improving and still try to distinguish the good from the bad. In this way, you will feel happy and full of life. This is the last step in the list of ways to change your habits.