The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Online dating is really something of our time. but just like everything else in life, online dating also has its pros and cons. It’s not always just positive and great. There are definitely some drawbacks too. In this article, you’ll find the pros and cons of online dating.


1. Everyone is single

Everyone is single

When online dating you do not have to guess if someone is single or not like you do when seeing someone attractive in public. Everybody is on this platform to meet someone they like and to find love, just like you. So the guessing is over. You can just message anyone who you find interesting or attractive.

2. Lots of choice

lots of choice

Online dating provides more potential partners than could ever be found in your daily life. When you go to a bar, the choice is limited. The people you can choose between are the people who are in the bar at that time. And let these people be just the people who don’t suit you or you don’t find attractive. With online dating, the sky is the limit. There are uncountable numbers of people that are online dating and the choice is huge. If you want you can send messages to hundreds of people.

3. Filter


In real life what you see is what you get as in there is not more than the people that are there. You cannot say okay tonight I want people with brown hair in the bar. But with online dating, you can. You can filter on whatever you want. He or she should have brown hair, blue eyes, likes politics, loves traveling and go on. There is so much choice that you often don’t know where to look anymore. But the beauty of online dating is that you don’t have to look for one thing. You can see everything and decide whether you are interested or not.

4. Everywhere, anywhere and whenever


How much more perfect can life get? You can get to know someone when looking at your worst and laying on the couch or sitting on the toilet. No need to dress up and be the best version of yourself for the whole night. You can just sit at home be relaxed, have a drink and snack. You even can think a little longer about your answers before replying. When interested enough you can decide if you would want to go on a real date in real life or not.

5. Go international

go international

Sometimes when moving to a different city or even a different country it can be hard to meet new people, especially for dating. How convenient that online dating is possible these days. You can meet all kinds of people and it can be a lot more comfortable to talk to people online before meeting them in real life. Especially when you do not know a lot of people yet.

6. Super cheap

super cheap dating

Going out on dates every week can get really expensive and it does not have any guarantee that it will be a good date. That is where online dating comes in handy, it is for free and you have all the choice you want. Chat and call with someone and get to know them a little bit. When interested go on a date and it probably will be a lot better than the random guy or girl that asked you out in the bar that you don’t know at all.


1. Strange people

strange people

The internet is a scary place you never know if the one you are chatting with is the one from the photos. And even if it is people can act a certain way online and be totally different in real life. There are a lot of weirdos out there so be careful.

2. Time consuming


With real life dating it is much faster to get to know someone. Go on a date and talk about life with each other for 3 hours. But with online dating, it takes a little longer. You have to type everything which is a lot slower than just talking. The other thing about online dating is that you might talk with several people at the same time. You can imagine how much effort and time these costs.

3. Overwhelming

Online dating can also become very overwhelming because it is all new. All kinds of people who are contacting you and talking to you. Online dating might give you more attention then you get in real life. So be aware of the chance that you get a lot of attention and it sometimes can get very overwhelming.

4. Too much choice

Like said in the con above you might talk to several people at the same time and like them all the same. What now? So much choice and no idea what to do. Just go on a real date and see which one of them fits you best and you like the most. And remember if you really like someone you better stop talking to the other before ruining your chances.

5. A lot of people that you don’t like

Because there is so much choice means that not only you have a lot of choices but others too. People might like you when you don’t like them. When someone contacts you that you don’t like well, just accept it. It’s the risk of online dating. Just don’t talk back or reject them to not keep them wondering.

6. Catfish


Online dating can be dangerous sometimes. People can pretend to be someone they are not. This can look wise that they used someone else photo or they can have a really different personality in real life. When you do not really feel safe or sure about it always be sure to let people know where you are or ask a friend to have a drink with someone in the same bar. When you really do not feel save and now one is nearby you can always go to the bathroom or bar and talk to someone of the staff. There is a code language that you can use in bars.

Now you’re aware of the pros and cons of online dating you can start your dating journey without facing any unexpected surprises. Obviously there are a lot more pros and cons of online dating but these are the most common ones.