Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Date

A first date can easily be ruined by the smallest things. But once you know these things it is very easy to avoid them to save your date. In this article you will find the top 10 of most common mistakes to avoid on your first date

1. Being late

being late is one of the Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Date

It seems so obvious that you need to be on time on your first date or the person you are on a date with will have a really bad first impression and will start the date annoyed but it is still the most common mistake people make which can really ruined their chances with this person. But if you do make sure you send them a text and apologize.

2. Only talking about yourself

talking about yourself

Something that really annoys people on first dates are people that only talk about themselves and don’t ask questions or seem interested in the others life and opinions. This way they start to lose interest in you. If you want to make sure you don’t get stuck during the date, you can think up questions in advance and that way you don’t have to fill the quiet time by talking about yourself.

3. Talking about an ex

talking about ex

Really try to avoid this because this is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid on your first date. If they ask you directly you can answer in a normal way and not go in on it to deep. Never start about your ex by yourself because it will look like you haven’t moved on and that can be a huge let down for the other person.

4. Poor table manners

poor eating manners

There is nothing worse than someone with bad table manners. So remember not to eat with your hands, don’t play with your food, don’t eat with your mouth open and do not be rude to the staff. All these things can really make your date less interested in you.

5. Drinking too much

stop drinking too much

As much as you have to pay attention to your table manners you also have to pay attention to your drinking. especially if it is alcohol. It is such a common mistake for people to drink too much out of nerves and end up getting drunk while your date is still as sober as possible. When this happens you are just not on the same page at the moment and it can really turn out bad for you. So take it easy on the alcohol and enjoy your date.

6. Looking at your phone the whole time

looking at phone again

When looking at your phone at a date it will come across as if you are bored or not interested and have something better to do than being on this date. So just don’t do it. Put your phone in your bag of jacket and don’t touch it during the date. If there really is something important why you have to check your phone once in a while just tell them beforehand so it doesn’t come across as if you are not interested in them. So if you want to make your date memorable then you should not ignore these mistakes to avoid on your first date.

7. being to open

beign to open is one of the mistakes to avoid on your first date

There is nothing wrong with being honest and open on a first date. You need to get know each other but be aware of what you can and can’t share on the first date, you don’t want to scare people. Don’t talk about your medical history or the hardest things in your life. Try to keep the first date nice and light. Smile and have a good time. If the date was good there will be a lot of time to tell the rest. You don’t want to share your life story with a stranger and never see them again after right?

8. Bragging


Being to open about flaws or rather personal things is a bad idea on your first date but bragging may be as bad. Don’t talk about yourself as if you do and did everything right and accomplished everything already because you are so great. Don’t talk about how much money you make or which cars you drive. This will come of as arrogant and shallow. Because money and cars isn’t everything. Let them get to know you and not your possessions.

9. Don’t go to fast

dont go fast

Even if you think the date went amazing and you are really into this person don’t go to fast. You never know how the other is really feeling. So try to avoid saying things as babe of honey to fast. It can be patronising for some people. They might think it is going to fast for them and start to get distant.

10. Avoid politics and religion

avoid politics

If you don’t know the others believes and political preferences try to avoid talking about it. If the subject naturally comes to table just give your opinion but do not go into it too deeply and emotionally. Keep it light and leave room for discussion. It is good to know if the others preferences and believes are not similar to yours for your choice for a second date but arguing about it on your first date because you think differently is never a good idea.