7 Dating Tips That Will Completely Change Your Life

Looking for a relationship? It can be hard these days to find the love of your life. There are many ways to date, but what is the best thing to do? You have various dating websites and apps, but not everything is as easy as it seems. So how do you approach your date? What do you wear on a first date and what do you say?  How do you say you want more than just dating? In the article below we listed 7 dating tips that will completely change your life. When you follow these rules, you will be in a relationship in no-time!

1. First impression

first impression in dating tips

The most important thing is a first impression. For starters: be on time! That is very important. You rather want to be too early than let your date waiting. Also, wear something that makes you feel confident and where you can express yourself in. Make sure your outfit is clean and if necessary: iron your clothes. When you see your date, make sure you make them feel comfortable. Make a small-talk about the weather, traffic or location and be polite.

2. What do you say on a first date?

What do you say on a first date? dating tips

Once you are settled with your date on the location, you should start a natural conversation. Make sure that the questions you ask are not interview-like but more basic and natural. Ask what the other person does for a living or what their hobbies are. When they tell you something that you also like or do, try to keep talking about that subject and this is one of the best dating tips. In that way you will both feel comfortable with each other.

3. Who pays the bill?

try to pay the bill is one of the good dating tips

In the old fashioned way the man will pay the bill. Try to find out whether your date likes this, or maybe they want to split the bill. You can also make a deal that you pay the first date and the other person pays for the next date. In this way you will already have a new date scheduled. This can be a sensitive subject for some people, so try to be flexible and try to find out how the other person feels about this and eventually you will find it one of a good dating tips.

4. Dynamic date locations

date location

Please, don’t go to the cinema on a first date. It is the one place where you can’t talk and interact with each other. Make sure you pick a location where it is possible to talk and get to know each other. Choose a nice restaurant or a fancy bar to eat or drink something. Some budget tips are: dating in a park with a picknick or make a small road trip.

5. Start to get physical

get physical

When it feels right and you really have a connection with your date, you can start to flirt and maybe even get physical. But really pay attention to this: you don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want to do something that the other person doesn’t like or does not feel comfortable with. It should feel natural to put your arm around the shoulder of your date or to touch hands for example. Non-verbal communication is very important on a date.

6. Listen, Listen and Listen

listen to eath other is one of the good dating advice

Most people really like it when they are heard. When they tell a story they are really enthusiastic about, or when they want to tell you something important, it is really a must to listen to the other person. In that way you show interest and the other person feels good when you show that you are active listening and maybe even asking questions about their story. It is a real no-go to not be interested in the other person on a first date.

7. More than dating: get serious

More than dating: get serious

Once you have dated several times, you might want to get serious. Try to find out how the other person feels about this and maybe you can take it a step further. Invite the other person to your home or go to a place that means a lot to you. Show that you really like the other person and that you are interested in their life too. When this all feels good, you might get into a relationship with each other.