5 Signs To See If Your Date Is Attracted To You

If you’re on a date and you want to know if your date is attracted to you, just pay attention to their body language. Body language gives away a lot. Women and man are different and so is their body langue. In this article you will find 5 signs of what men and women do when they are attracted to you.

Signs For women that date is attracted to you:

date is attracted to you

  1. Flashing his eyebrows
    If he is attracted to you he will raise his eyebrows. It happens really fast so you have to pay attention to notice.
  2. He tries to get your attention
    When in a group he will try to get your attention by acting a little bit different than the rest of the group. If you notice a man doing this he is definitely into you.
  3. A full smile
    If a men shows his front teeth while smiling it is a sign that he is attracted. Men don’t do this often. So if a men gives you that smile your good.
  4. He will try to come close to you
    When a boy likes you he will try to come close to you. He will try to come as close as possible without making it uncomfortable.
  5. He will touch you
    He will try to touch you soft and gently whenever he can. This can be him putting your hair behind your ear, putting his hand on your lower back, putting an arm around you and guiding you through the crowd with his arm. All these things

Signs For man that date is into you:

woman is attracted to you

  1. She will show her neck
    If a woman is attracted to you she will toss her hair back, arch her head and touch her neck. If she does this repeatably while looking at you, you know she is attracted to you.
  2. She will play with her hair
    Do not mistake this one for boredom. Women tend to play with their hair when they are into someone but they can also do it out of boredom.
  3. She will arch her back
    When a girl tries to get a men attention because she is attracted to them she will change her posture and way of acting. One of the signs is arching her back. This way her breast and legs are more prominent and she is trying to get your attention.
  4.  She will giggle
    You probably already know this one but it is a good one. Giggling, a way of telling someone you are interested and you like them. When giggling while making eye contact she is trying to let you know she is enjoying herself and tries to be more feminine.
  5. She will blush
    Those cute red cheeks. They give it al away. When she is attracted by you she might get shy and blush a little bit. But don’t worry it’s a good sign. Smiling and blushing are the signs that date is attracted to you