5 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Dating is always a difficult thing, whether you’re shy or not. But imagine being a shy guy. How to behave around the women you like, how to ask a girl out and a lot more questions. All these questions and uncertainties and no idea where to begin. In this article you will find 5 dating tips for shy guys that could help them become more confident around women.

1. Women are just normal people like you

women likes shy guys

Are you shy when talking to your mother, sister, female friends, female waitresses etc. Probably not right? but they are women too. Now I see and understand that you don’t like these women the way you like a women you want to ask out on a date but it is a good reminder that these people are all women and if you see that, you may see my point. Just talk to her like you do to every other women, well besides your mom, and then you may feel more comfortable. But you also need to remember that even guys that are not shy get a little nervous around the girl they like, its normal.

2. Do what you feel comfortable with

dating tips for shy guys is that do what you like

Don’t do things you don’t feel good at doing to impress a girl. It would only make things worse because she can tell you don’t feel comfortable and you wont be able to be yourself around her because you don’t feel good when doing those things. When you do things you like you instantly become more attractive because you are confident doing it.

3. Being shy isn’t a bad thing

being a shy is one of the dating tips for shy guys

The third of the five dating tips for shy guys is to remember that being shy isn’t a bad feature. If you tend to be shy around someone you like it shows that you care what that person thinks about you. You care and that is not a bad thing. You just have to make sure that your shyness doesn’t take over you and that you can still function. It even brings some good things like not always wanting to be the centre of attention or always be the loudest person in the room which can be really attractive to some women.

4. Rejection isn’t the end of the world

rejection is not a bad thing

Although you may feel like it is, it is not the end of the world if a women rejects you. You should be glad that she is being honest and dares to reject you. It would be worse if you went on a date and she wouldn’t be interested and bored and it would end up being a terrible date. Also don’t think it as something personal, but she doesn’t know you so the rejection is either because of a wrong approach or its about her. And if your approach wasn’t good remember that it wasn’t you and it is not personal you just need to change the way of asking someone on a date.

5. Don’t change yourself for a women

don't change yourself for others

Even if you think you really love someone do not change yourself to fulfil their needs. That means they are not the one for you. Of course a relationship consists of adapting to each other and growing together. Adapting to each other is not a bad thing, but having to change yourself completely for someone is just not right. Someone has to accept you for who you are. Respect yourself and who you are and then you will one day find someone that loves and accepts you for who you are.This is one of the best dating tips for shy guys.